Intelligent Hives in your apiary!

Our system will make your work easier! 24-hour hive monitoring visualizes hive parameters, such as: temperature, humidity, weight, sound frequency, location and much more. In addition, the application also helps to detect diseases, swarms, perform hive inspections, plan tasks and keep disease records of bee colonies.

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Beehive monitoring system

Conditions inside beehive

You don't have to look into the hive to assess the condition of your bee family. Intelligent Hives provide constant access to temperature, humidity, weight and frequency measurements from anywhere in the world!

Innovative scale

The scale allows for constant control of the hive and allows to draw valuable conclusions. Innovative technology allows the scales to be used in a mobile and stationary apiaries, and also ensures a competitive price.


The easy-to-use system saves you time, and allows you to access your data on your computer or phone.


The system reduces the risk of loss of bees and invested money.

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Intelligent Hives Application






Remote access


Managment made easy

All data about your apiaries, hives, inspections, bee diseases or harvests can be quickly and easily displayed in our application.

Monitoring 24/7

No matter where you are. With our BeeHUB, you have constant access to the conditions inside the hive and its weight at any time.

Save money

For every 100 hives there are about 30 families that are lost due to illness or vandalism. Including the hours spent looking after the bees, the owner's losses can be as high as 10 000 EUR per year.

Our products

BeeHUB Prototype

The BeeHUB Prototype is a prototype of a device that takes precise measurements in every hive! A professional device allows you to monitor parameters such as:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Sound

  • Weight


Intelligent Hive

Original wooden hive produced by our company allows for monitoring:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Sound

  • Weight


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